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About us

Hello everyone and Be Healthy! My name is Joseph and I really want to get rid any taboo and misunderstanding of “embarrassing problems”, which people hesitate.

My goal is not only to give a precise understanding of the different types of embarrassing illnesses but also to help you accept your body to any. Accept and love!

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Tragically, these shy problems are widespread in the embarrassing area, as well as in the sexual context. It gave incentive to each of the existing diagnoses overgrown with myths that ultimately interfere with a person to take his/her body.

You can say that it is always better to judge from the outside, but here is my story!

The matter is that throughout my life I was very fond of meat. My love was so strong, that when all the children were asked to toys for Christmas, I asked for more meat. Of course, this is a joke.

But my diet has been written down from the menu at McDonald’s literally. The fatty junk food was everything to me while terrible happened.

One day, I just could not bite, because I was immediately attacked the terrible pain in my stomach. This went on for several days, and I ate only bread – the only thing that did not bring me pain.

This meager diet made me so exhausted that I could not leave the house, even the movement inside was difficult at the time. Without superfluous motions and without proper food, I spent some time up until I went to the doctor for a check.

Thus, it became known that I have a chronic disease called Inflammatory Bowel disease (very common today).

The doctor explained to me that junk food and environmental factors began to inflammatory bowel process, hence there are abdominal pain, diarrhea, fatigue, and rapid weight loss.

The worst was that like any chronic disease Inflammatory bowel disease is not treatable, particularly surgically. I was wedded with this for all my life.

I did not know how to tell someone why I eat so little, or not eat at all. But now I am thankful that it happened to me.

After all, I reviewed my diet, and now the vast majority of food absorbed me – plant. Finally, I began to feel the energy and keep the disease under lock. Surely, a junk food’ network and its analogs can be no question.

Unfortunately, only I forgot about fast food, but such food is gaining popularity all over, despite the enormous clinical evidence of harm to health.

Objective facts – Daily 1% of the population of the whole planet eats at McDonald’s. In addition, the network sold 75 hamburgers every second.

It is so fast that destroys our health every second and that makes us ashamed. So, I thought deeply about the pathology of such diseases, concerning not only the uncontrolled digestion or allergic reactions, but also sexuality.

And I want all who are shy of their illness began to shout about it, like me, to such stories were less!

I organized the Gain heal to give tips and advice to people who have become outcasts for themselves because of the special disease.

  • Give objective advice
  • Use independent clinical studies for our tips
  • Provide only a free useful information
  • Help you do not embarrass yourself
  • Appoint or nominate treatment
  • Mislead with what does not work in reality
  • Force you to buy anything
  • Ask for a fee for the help

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Hopefully, all the information that you find will be useful and will help you live a full life!


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