The Complete Step By Step Guide To Astigmatism!

//The Complete Step By Step Guide To Astigmatism!

The Complete Step By Step Guide To Astigmatism!

Ever heard of astigmatism but have no idea what exactly is that? Do you have some symptoms and wonder if those are for astigmatism or not? Or maybe you want to know what causes astigmatism?

Either ways, you are not alone my friend. Those questions are the very same ones I’ve been asking myself whenever I encounter a health problem. And believe many people do the same.

But no worries. We have got your back.

I am here to help.

The purpose of this article is to cover each one of those questions and give you a satisfying answer that won’t leave any doubt on the table.

We will cover the very exact definition of astigmatism. Then, we will talk in details about the symptoms of astigmatism. After that, we will go on to cover in even more details the causes behind astigmatism. Only then, we will get to the meaty greasy of the best ways to treat astigmatism for life.

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There is more.

To make things super easy for you and to make the navigation of the article easy for you, I created this easy to follow menu that cover every bit of what this article will be about. Have a look at it and let’s meet afterwards.



Before talking about anything else, you should first have a clear idea what astigmatism really is, to help clear any confusion around the topic.

So, let’s get to the very first thing,

What Is Astigmatism?

What Is Astigmatism

Astigmatism is an eye problem which is common in some people. This condition can be corrected by using the correct glasses or contact lenses; however, at times, one might require surgery to rectify the problem.

Astigmatism is a problem caused when the eye is not perfectly round thus causing vision problems to the patient. Most people suffer this condition on a minor scale, but those who have severe astigmatism could suffer blur vision and thus need to use glasses or contact lenses at all time. A vision correction surgery is one of the best ways to get cured of astigmatism.

The human eye is naturally shaped like a sphere, which enables the light to enter the eye and bend evenly. A person suffering from astigmatism has eyes that are shaped like a football which doesn’t allow the light to move or refract correctly. This creates problems with vision. Most astigmatism patients can’t focus on more than one object at a time. Distant objects to appear blur to them.

There are three types of astigmatism that patients suffer from:

Myopic Astigmatism:

This is usually caused when both the cornea are not shaped right causing nearsighted issues. It is not necessary that the degree of nearsighted is same in both eyes. It could differ.


This is usually caused when both the cornea are not shaped right causing farsighted issues. It is not necessary that the degree of farsighted is same in both eyes. It could differ.

Mixed Astigmatism:

This is a combination of the above-mentioned two types. A patient will have one farsighted and one nearsighted vision.

The exact cause for astigmatism is not known. It occurs due to an imperfectly shaped cornea which results in poor vision and blurred images. A person who has astigmatism will suffer eyestrain and blurred vision. While this could be minor in some patients; others might have a more severe form of it which needs be treated on time to avoid fatigue and stress. Like all other eye problems, astigmatism too increases with time. If detected early, glasses or lenses can help, but in advanced cases, it’s always advised to opt in for surgery.

Refractive surgery is one of the best ways to treat astigmatism. Most eye surgeons now use laser techniques to rectify this problem. The surgery involves changing the shape of the cornea with a laser. There are some refractive surgeries available in the market today. It’s always preferred to consult your doctor and ask for suggestions. The laser is one of the most advanced methods and can be done in just one sitting. It’s essential for your eyes to be healthy and free from any infections or diseases at the time of the surgery for your eyes to heal faster.

Glasses and lenses can help improve your vision. However they will not cure astigmatism, it will cover up the problem. If you’re looking to cure the problem from the root, then the only way to do so is by surgery.

Let’s now have a close look at some of the most common signs and symptoms of astigmatism.



Blurred Vision

One of the most visible symptoms that a person is suffering from astigmatism is by having a blurred vision. Blurred vision is a form of vision where one cannot differentiate between two objects resulting to poor eyesight. Astigmatism is caused by imperfectly shaped eye cornea and can be rectified through eye surgery.

Poor Vision

Poor vision is another symptom that is associated with people who have astigmatism. They normally have a difficult time in objects recognition and one can even think that such a person is pretending. They cannot differentiate between object’s shape and size mostly from far. This can be treated through wearing some eye glasses with magnification lenses.

Eye Strain

Vision strain is another common type of problem associated with astigmatism. People who suffer from astigmatism will take time to differentiate between two related objects. It results in eye fatigue and can be treated by using special glasses with magnification lenses.

Eye Fatigue

When one suffers astigmatism causing the patient to have a poor vision and eyestrain while viewing the objects, multiple trains at the end of the day leads to eye fatigue making the patient just to feel that he/she needs some rest. Eye fatigue can be minimized by using proper eye glasses that favors your eyesight.

Eye Discharge

Prolonged eye fatigue results to eye discharge. It’s associated with watery eyes and some type of a thick liquid coming out of eyes. People who are suffering from such condition you may think that they are crying even when happy.


People who strain in order for them to see well will finally have some headache. Remember eyes coordinates with brain and any discomfort in the eyes it results are reflected on the brain.

Difficulty Of Vision At Night

People who suffer from astigmatism will have problem in working at night. They rarely have a good vision at night and they will have a problem in watching, walking, and reading at night.


And here are some of the common causes of astigmatism.

Causes of Astigmatism

What Is Astigmatism

Astigmatism clearly is not caused or made worse you sitting too close to the television or reading in poor light. There are different factors causing Astigmatism yet the most common factor which plays an important role in Astigmatism is genetics.


Astigmatism is often present at birth. It is completely natural and most people are born with it. As per the studies, the babies who are born prematurely are most likely to have Astigmatism.

Injury or Surgery:

A person might get Astigmatism due to an eye injury, disease or surgery. A cornea needs to have a perfect curve for refraction of light. An eye injury or surgery might disturb the shape of the cornea resulting in Astigmatism.


The cornea gradually thins and gets weak due to Keratoconus disease. It is a degenerative disorder of the eye which creates distorted vision because of the light-sensitive retina which eventually causes Astigmatism.

Refractive Error:

As earlier mentioned, the cornea has to be in perfect shape for refraction of light. When there is a refractive error the light rays does not bend properly causing blurry vision. The cornea having mismatched curves is most likely to have a refractive error. The refractive error results in Astigmatism and blurred vision may occur in any direction such as horizontal, vertical or diagonally.


It can also be called as nearsightedness and it usually occurs when the distant objects focus gets blurry. This occurs when the cornea is curved too much due to intense light pressure in front of the retina. Myopia often causes Astigmatism.


It can also be called as farsightedness and the effect is completely opposite of nearsightedness. It occurs when the light never reached the back of the eye even when it is in the relaxed state. The focus gets distorted making nearby objects seems blurry. Hyperopia often causes Astigmatism.

And off to the last and most important part.

Astigmatism Treatment:

Astigmatism Treatment

Astigmatism is a very common eye problem. It is estimated that up to 80% of people in the US suffer from the condition to varying degrees.

Astigmatism is caused by abnormal curvature of the cornea and which is the thin transparent tissue that covers the outer portion of the eyeball and is responsible for focusing light to the lens of the eye. When you have an abnormally curved cornea you will have problems focusing on the objects you are looking at.

The severity of the problem varies though with most people having very mild degrees of astigmatism that require no medical intervention. However, for people who have severe astigmatism that impairs their functioning there is need for treatment.

Patients now have access to a number of remedies one of which is wearing contact lenses. Toric contact lenses are special lenses designed to correct astigmatism. They are worn just like normal contacts but they have a greater corrective power than normal lenses.

Toric contacts are very effective for individuals with mild and moderate astigmatism. Such patients may prefer this option because it’ll save them the trouble of undergoing surgical procedures which besides being more costly can have undesirable side-effects.

As effective as these contacts are for rectifying astigmatic vision they don’t offer a permanent cure for the problem; they are only beneficial as long as a patient is wearing them. The same is true for spectacles which a doctor can prescribe in place of contacts if the patient is not qualified for contact lenses.

If you want a permanent remedy for the problem you could go for any one of several surgical procedures i.e. LASIK surgery, Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) or astigmatic keratotomy (AK). All these procedures work by reshaping the cornea thus enabling it to focus images to the retina more accurately. These procedures offer permanent solutions but they are not free of risks including increased sensitivity to light, over or under correction of the underlying problem, damage to corneal tissue, and double vision.

Further, not all patients can undergo these procedures because of health issues so they can instead use spectacles or go for toric contact lenses

Patients who have astigmatism should get proper medical consultation before they settle on what is considered the most appropriate remedy. Every patient is unique and will therefore require a treatment that is most suited to him or her. People should also not buy contact lenses without a prescription as this could worsen their sight problems.

Here is more about astigmatism treatment.


There you have it guys. That’s my take on astigmatism, some of its major symptoms, the causes behind it and some of the best ways to treat it. Before you go for any tip mentioned above, please check with your doctor first. You should never take any medications or go through any treatments without you first getting a YES from your doctor.

Here comes your part guys. See that box comment box below? Hit it hard and let us know what challenges you guys face suffering from astigmatism? What some of the treatment method you have used and seen noticeable improvement with? May you always be well!

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