Constipation Complete Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Constipation

//Constipation Complete Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Constipation

Constipation Complete Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Constipation

Are you one of the preys of constipation? Do you get it so often and have no clue what causes it or what to do about it? Do you want to know the best remedies, medications and simply and easy tricks to cure constipation?

Look! I know how it feels to go to the toilet but nothing comes out. It is hard and make you deal with so much uneasiness. That’s no fun. I know and I am sure you are with me in the same line. I’ve been suffering from constipation myself and I know how it feels.

The lines to come are packed up with all that I learned and applied myself to get rid of chronic constipation I’ve been struggling with for years.

Here is the deal. By the end of the last sentence, I am sure you will get a good understanding and you will be better equipped and armed to the teeth to get rid of constipation for life.

But before we jump into the gist of what this article, I’d be more than happy to first invite you onboard and show you if you allow me what this article will be about. This will help you save time and get you an overall look of what we will cover about constipation in the whole article.



Before we go into the causes, the symptoms and the cures of constipation, there are certain basics that we need to get in line first.

Let’s have a look at what constipation means and how it happens and other basic information you need to know before we go to the greasy meaty of constipation.

If you already have a good understanding of what constipation is, you can just skip this one and go straight to the other points.

What Is The Meaning Of Constipation?

Science defines constipation as not having stool for less than three times a week. That’s the normal constipation. The severe constipation is a little beyond that. It is less than that.

Constipation has to do with the bowel movements. It is the very opposite of diarrhea. Both they have to do with the bowel movements and the colon.

In the case of diarrhea, the colon doesn’t absorb enough water. As for the constipation, the colon absorbs more than enough water. It absorbs too much water that it leaves your stool dried up.

When you get constipation, Your bowel movements either gets tough or worse happen less often than they normally does.

As for the second case, the bowel movements differ from one person to another. We can’t tell with exact precision when they happen to every person. This differs. There are those who them twice a day. Others three times a day. And there are those only get them one of twice a week.

But when does constipation happen?

Constipation happens when your bowel movement don’t happen for three days or more. If that’s the case, you should worry a little bit, because that’s not the norm.

Adults , babies, children, even cats and dogs can get constipation. It is not specific to humans or adults. only. But for this article, we will stick to constipation in general and exactly for adults people.

Hope that picture is getting clearer. What I’d like you to remember is that constipation is not a serious condition to worry about. It makes you uneasy. I know. No one loves to sit to in the toilet for ages but can’t get that shit out! But it is not really something that you should worry about so much. It can be dealt with easily with proper cures. These we will talk about them in the lines to come.

Now you know what constipation is, let’s see some of the most common constipation symptoms. As always, it is very helpful to know the symptoms of a certain disease to know when it is knocking on your door.

Symptoms Of Constipation:

Loss Of Appetite

That’s the number symptom of constipation. When your body doesn’t get rid of the food you eat so often, it is obvious that you will suddenly lose appetite. It is a good sign that there is something not usual going on in your bowels. But that’s an invitation to say that whenever you lose appetite, it is because of constipation. That’s likely. Yes. But not a must. Anyway, watch out of your appetite.

Abs Uneasiness:

Your abs don’t get so sore only when you hit them hard in the gym. Abs, especially lower ones, are a great sign of constipation. When you have constipation, lower abs are to get the punch too. Next time you feel like your abs are so sore, they are likely to be because of constipation.

Hard Stool

This one is an obvious symptom of constipation. As we said earlier, having hard stool is a sign that your colon got so much water soaked up out of the stool and left it hard and dried up as a rock in the desert. Hard stool then is crystal clear sign that something so much fun is going on in your bowels.


That’s another symptoms that in most cases related to constipation. It is very likely to get nausea and a feeling of throwing up every now and then.

Few Bowel Movements:

That’s a little hard to spot. But it is one of the primary outcomes of constipation. As we mentioned above, constipation has so much to do with bowel movements. And as you may already guess, many movements of the bowel lead to diarrhea and few will get you constipated. So, watch out from bowel movements. They are a big sign of constipation.

Belly Pain

The last obvious symptom of constipation is belly pain. Belly pain is the same as abs uneasiness we mentioned earlier. This happens when your stomach can’t get rid of the food you have already stored in it and at the same time you are still adding in more. The stomach can’t seal your mouth. That’s why it is punching you hard in the belly, in a desperate attempt to get you to notice your weird eating habits.

Those are some of the obvious constipation symptoms that you may already run through as a result of constipation. Now, these are good to know.

Your body use them to send you a message that something not fun is going on in there. The next step is to know what causes constipation and cut it from the root.

You know what I am talking about. CAUSES OF CONSTIPATION!

Causes Of Constipation:

Constipation causes are countless. There are so many. But few are common and are thought to be the major causes of constipation.

There are causes that have to do with the food and lifestyle we lead. There are those that have to do with the kind of medications we take. And there are other are linked to other health conditions we may suffer from.

Let’s start with constipation causes that have to do with the diet and lifestyle. Here is a list of those:

Diet And Lifestyle Causes Of Constipation:

  • Less Water Getting Into Your Body..
  • Lack of veggies and fruits in your diet, these have fiber. Lack of fiber equals lack of water.
  • They are almost identical and they play the same role.
  • So much caffeine and alcohol.
  • Certain foods are also responsible for constipation. Junk foods. Foods that are high in either sugar and or fat.
  • Consuming too much dairy products, milk, yogurt and others.
  • Lack Of Exercise.
  • Stress and anxiety

Those are some constipation causes that have to with food, exercise and lifestyle.

Let’s move on to the next set of causes. This time these have to with the medications we use to treat other illnesses. Certain medications can have side effects that result in hard stool and constipation.

Medications That Cause Constipation

Here is a list of those too:

  • anticonvulsants
  • Diuretics
  • Medications rich in aluminum and calcium ( these are called antacids)
  • Antidepressants
  • Blood pressure medications
  • Certain supplements
  • Narcotics

Those are just a tip of iceberg. What we advise you to do when you notice that there is a correlation between the medications you take and constipation is to simply consult your doctor and let him or her have a look at those medications.

Now! Here is a another list of constipation causes. These are causes that have to do with other health conditions you may have.

Causes Of Constipation That Have To Do With Other Health Conditions:

Let’s have a look at them:

  • Digestive disorders, such as IBS ( irritable bowel syndrome link the article here bro to create an internal link ;))
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Diabetes
  • Colon cancer
  • multiple sclerosis
  • Pregnancy
  • Hypothyroidism

Mentioned above are the most common causes of constipations. To prevent constipation to get hold of you, you first need to block those, or at least some of those causes.

How To Get Rid Of Constipation:

And here comes the last part of our constipation guide. In this part, we will tackle different ways to get through or at least lesson constipation.

There are a lot of ways actually to get through this illness but in here, we will cover three different ways to cure constipation.

We will talk about medications that can rid you of constipation almost effortlessly. Then, we will cover home remedies that have the same effects or even more.

Let’s first have a look at some of the best remedies to fight constipation:

Home Remedies That Help Sooth Constipation:

Veggies and fruits:

Veggies and fruits are the best foods that help with constipation. They are the best constipation home remedies ever. Period. No need to explain them more. As I said, veggies and fruits have water in them. And water will ease the passing of the stool. Opt for veggies and fruits daily and you will no longer suffer from constipation. Don’t over do it though or else you get diarrhea. I like balance. Opt for that.

Here is an additional list of high fiber foods:

  • Lentils
  • Peas
  • Black and lima beans
  • Artichokes
  • Broccoli
  • Raspberries and blackberries
  • Avocados
  • Oatmeal
  • Flaxseed
  • Split peas

Sesame Seeds:

When your stool gets hard and dried up, the best way to get it moisturized is to consume sesame seeds. You can consume it in salads, or you can also sprinkle it over your cup o coffee and enjoy. You will both enjoy the taste and the reap the benefits of these magical seeds.

Add Ginger And Or Mint To Your Tea:

Tea with ginger or mint is my favourite. It is found that it has so many great benefits when it comes to lessening constipation. The menthol in mint makes the muscles of the digestive tract relax. As for ginger, it is way magical than you think. Ginger is hot and it cause the body to provide even more heat. This speeds up the digestion of foods. You can mix both in a cup of tea. Consume it hot.

Lemon Water:

This one is just amazing. I normally drink lemon water daily, every morning before anything else hits my digestive tract. This helps in ridding your body of toxins. At the same time, lemon water works as a stimulant of your digestive system making it digest food extra fast.


This one has to be a must to do everyday not only for constipation. But for your entire body. Exercise, even if it is just a walk of 10 minutes a day, helps tremendously in speeding the of food through your digestive tract.

Eat More Raisins.

Raisins are high in fiber. In addition to the water they add to the body, they are also packed up with tartaric acid. In a study performed on a group of panelists, researchers found out that those who consumed one small box of raisins a day had their food digested in less time than those who did not. Raisins are a great way to make bowel move food through easily. If you are not that into raison, you can replace the with apricots or cherries. Both have the same effects.

Those are some of the best home remedies that help to a great deal with constipation.

Medications To Cure Constipation:

Now! Time for medications. Here is a list of the best medications to choose from to get rid of constipation:

  • Doc-Q-Lace
  • Colace
  • MiraLax
  • Dulcolax
  • Metamucil
  • Citrucel
  • polyethylene glycol 3350
  • Bisacodyl
  • Dulcolax Stool Softener
  • Dulcolax Laxative
  • GlycoLax
  • Fleet Enema
  • magnesium citrate
  • Docu
  • Surfak

Those classified under the laxatives. The laxatives are substances that help loosen your stool and speed up the movements of your bowel.

If you are not into those, here is a list of other medications you can choose from.


There you have it all you need to properly and easily deal with constipation. Don’t freak out if you are now suffering from constipation. It is not something you should worry about. It is curable if you follow the steps and tips outlined above. Of course, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor before any movements from your side. Stay well! Stay happy!

Lack of water:

Next to teh hard stool, lies imediatly lack of water. Teh two are interlinked. Lack of water ekuals hard stool and hard stool is a sigh of less water going in your body. When i saud lack of wter, i don’t an just teh water you drink, but aslo fiber. Fiber is found in veggies and fruits. It is anothr kind of water that your body needs so much of. Having constipation then is to a great extent tied up to having less water in your body.


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