Give A Minute Of Your Time And I Will Show You How To Instantly Get Rid Of Belly Fat!

//Give A Minute Of Your Time And I Will Show You How To Instantly Get Rid Of Belly Fat!

Give A Minute Of Your Time And I Will Show You How To Instantly Get Rid Of Belly Fat!

Do you struggle with belly fat for years? Have you tried all the diets, pills and so many things in between but in vain? Are you tired seeing sexy tummies in magazine but hate to even show yours to the mirror?


I know how frustrating belly fat is!

In fact, the worse and most difficult of weight loss is shedding belly fat. Even if you lose fat all over your body, you can still see that your belly is a big ball of fat.

It is hard. It is frustrating. Curale? Absolutely yes. How? That’s what this article is all about.

Here is the deal,

I am not here to tell you all the tips and tricks you have already on the net. NO. The things you will come across here in a sec is nothing but an account of my experience

Here is what this article will be about,


There are many ways that I personally used and helped me tremendously in shedding and ridding my waist of those pounds holding tight to my waist. Here are a three that I personally found effective and seen results with:

Off to the very first one,

1. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting

Holly crap! What?! You mean I have to go all day long without food!

Oh no! Come on! That’s not intermittent fasting at all. No one is asking to go that crazy man!

If you guys have no idea what intermittent fasting is, you are missing on so many great benefits this has to offer you.

I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for a very long time and the benefits I saw my body going through are numerous. Intermittent fasting is not only melting the fat around your belly like a cube of ice under the sun. No. It gives your mind clarity. Your body enormous energy and also helps you speed your metabolism.

Don’t worry you will not go the whole day without food. All you will do is simply skip breakfast. You are allowed to drink coffee. Coffee helps suppress your appetite. And of course you have to drink plenty of water. Water helps your body stay hydrated and thus burn more fat.

In a matter of a few weeks, you will see the fat around your waste getting burned.

2. Up Your Fiber Intake:


This is is the number one thing you need to place right next to fasting. In addition to drinking plenty of water, you need quality fiber to lose weight. I can’t recommend any better source of fiber than veggies and fruits. You can eat as many raw veggies and fruits as you can and still not gain weight. Fruit and veggies are the best way to break your fast and even extend it to hours. If you can’t eat them, try juicing. Juicing rocks! Just avoid carbs as a source of fiber. Carbs, especially bread, pasta and stuff like that, are what causes your belly to bloat! Avoid those as much as you can. I know it is hard to ditch carbs altogether. Take it one step at a time though!

3. Exercise! Exercise ! Exercise


Never ever jump to exercise before tweaking your plate. Exercise alone can rid you of fat all over your body, except one place. YOUR BELLY!

Exercise alone will never will never rid you of the fat located around your waist. Belly fat is really hard to burn by exercise alone. That’s why the first thing you need to think about is diet. Once you are done with your diet, only then you move on to exercise.

But which type of exercise is better suited for belly fat?

There are two type of exercise that you need to combine. Aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Strength training will help you build muscle. The more muscles you have, the better you and faster you lose weight. As for aerobic exercise, it helps but not like strength and resistance training. Try incorporating both though. Just don’t overdo the aerobic thing. It can work against you building muscles.

Want more health and diet tips and tricks? Here is a couple of articles to help you out.


There you have it guys. Those three tips are what helped me personally with belly around my waist. It takes a little a time, effort and patience. But, once you are used to it, especially the fasting thing, you will see huge results. For long term results, make this a lifestyle, not just a hit and run thing.

Now, here comes your turn guys. See that comment box below? Let us know which one of the above tips resonate much with you? CHEEERS!

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