Hemorrhoids Complete A To Z Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Hemorrhoids!

//Hemorrhoids Complete A To Z Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Hemorrhoids!

Hemorrhoids Complete A To Z Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Hemorrhoids!



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Do you struggle with hemorrhoids? Do you want to know the causes behind you getting those? What about the symptoms accompanying those? Want to have an idea about those awe? What if tell you that those are curable and there many medications, home remedies, and essential oils to treat tt? Wouldn’t that be nice?!

If you can relate to the above questions and I am more than sure you can, then just grab a seat and a beverage of your choice. You have just found the perfect guide to get you all you need to know about tt from start to finish.


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What The Heck Are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are a condition that occurs when the veins in the lower part of the rectum or anus become enlarged and irritated.

These become enlarged, swollen veins may bulge outward from inside the rectum, causing irritation, pain, and bleeding when passing stools.

The most common cause is straining to pass stool, which usually happens when people are chronically constipated.

They are also very common in pregnant women. This is because the hormonal and digestive changes of pregnancy may result in moderate to severe constipation.

While not life threatening, they can have some symptoms in common with severe conditions. For example, a burst hemorrhoid may result in bright red bleeding from the anus.

The most common symptom is burning, itching, and irritation at the site of the enlarged vein. Sometimes external hemorrhoid will result in a swelling or lumps near the anus. This is often the result of the formation of a blood clot in hemorrhoid and is known as a thrombosed external hemorrhoid.

You can develop either internal or external hemorrhoids which are also known as piles. Itching as well as pain and bleeding are an indication that one has piles. These are not usually life threatening if treated although complications like anemia and other complications could arise should there be uncontrolled bleeding.

Hemorrhoids can present in two different manners one type will be internal, and the other type will be external the internal one occurs higher up the anal canal, and one cannot see this readily although the most common sign is bleeding from the rectum. This is an almost positive sign of internal hemorrhoids.

Then there are external hemorrhoids which can be seen and hang outside of the anus entrance and have a blue grape appearance which is a group of veins that have swollen up like balloons. You don’t necessarily have to have any immediate symptoms the only time you will realize that there are external hemorrhoids is when they become inflamed, red and very tender.

When you discover hemorrhoids do not keep rubbing the area due to the itching as well as excess cleaning as this can also cause inflammation and bleeding and can end up in a vicious cycle causing infection. The mucus that drains from his area can also cause severe itching.

Hemorrhoids are common in both men and women, especially pregnant women due to the pressure of the fetes which ultimately lies against the abdominal wall.

And of course hormonal changes can cause the anal vessels to enlarge. And when giving birth, this places an enormous amount of pressure on these vessels.

Hopefully, things are getting crystal clear as to what are Hemorrhoids !

As this is an illness, it has some underlying symptoms that go along with it.

Want a grasp of those?

Let’s see,

What Are Symptoms of Hemorrhoids?

Symptoms And Signs Of Hemorrhoids are numerous.

Here is a list of some of them:


This is a common symptom among hemorrhoid patients. Patients feel pain around or in the anal walls. They feel so when they start to take different postures like standing, sitting, or walking. You will feel a lot of pain when passing a bowel movement. The pain will increase with the dryness of the bowel movement.


Discomfort is another sign of hemorrhoids. There will be some discomfort around the anal region. You could have a feeling of discomfort. This feeling is persistent and vague around and in the rectal and anal regions. During defecation, the discomfort gets worse.


Swollen anal veins are another common hemorrhoid symptom. This is caused by increased pressure and friction during defecation. The lifting of heavy loads or weights also increases swelling. Also being obese or overweight and aging or pregnancy are some of the symptoms. The later symptoms are uncontrollable, unlike former symptoms. Use hemorrhoid creams to reduce swelling.

Itchiness, Inflammation, And Burning

All hemorrhoids cases start with a burning and itching sensation around the anus. Internal hemorrhoids have this as a strong symptom. Other times, swelling and bumps on the anal area indicate inflammation. A sign commonly referred to as diaper rash.

Smelly Stools

All bowel movements have a bad smell. However, hemorrhoids have an excessively smelly stool. Bleeding accompanies this symptom.

Loosened Hemorrhoidal Tissues

Hemorrhoids symptoms most of the time advance and become severe. You may see internal hemorrhoids finally getting out of the body after passing stool. You just end up pushing them out with a lot of straining and force. A lot of pushing and stress causes this symptom, known as prolapsed hemorrhoids. The anal muscles are subject to this force and stress during a bowel movement.

Bleeding Hemorrhoids

During the passing of bowel movement, swollen hemorrhoidal tissues bleed. Bright red blood characterizes your stool. Black-colored, dark red or brown blood indicates other medical issues.

Done with the the symptoms of hemorrhoids,

It is time to find some of the underlying causes of hemorrhoids.

You need to avoid those with all costs,


What Are The Causes Of Hemorrhoids?

Here Top 5 Causes of Hemorrhoids.

1. Rushing Your Bathroom Time!

This is by far one of the top causes of hemorrhoids. When you go to the bathroom, do you take your time? Taking your time while using the bathroom is critical. If you try to rush, this can lead to excessive straining. What does excessive straining do? It increases pressure on your veins in that area. Taking your time while in the bathroom and making sure you don’t strain is an excellent way to prevent hemorrhoids. If you simply get bored while in the shower, try reading a magazine or a newspaper. It’s what my husband does!

2. Stomach Troubles

Do you deal with stomach problems? What about diarrhea? Constipation? Those that deal with these stomach issues may also have problems with hemorrhoids. The reason is that various stomach matters such as diarrhea and constipation issues can also lead to straining, which I talked about in the past cause of hemorrhoids. If you are having frequent stomach problems, you should talk to a doctor. In addition to getting rid of the pain, it may get rid of your hemorrhoid troubles!

3. Your Weight

Many people might not think this, but being overweight can also lead to hemorrhoids. If you are overweight with extra fat on your abdomen, what is going to happen? It’s going to result in increased pressure on your veins down there. Increased pressure on your veins, of course, can lead to hemorrhoids. So you have yet another reason to try to get in better shape!

4. Pregnancy

If you are pregnant or just gave birth, this can also be a major cause of hemorrhoids. When you are pregnant, the fetus may cause increase pressure on your blood vessels. Also, if you just gave birth, the pushing that you did to deliver the baby can result in hemorrhoids. After all of the pushing, it takes to push out a baby; you can’t blame yourself for having hemorrhoids!

5. Medical Conditions

Serious medical conditions such as heart disease can also lead to enlarged veins. Although this is somewhat rare, if hemorrhoids are a major problem for you, just like any major issue, you should always have it checked out just to make sure it’s not anything serious.

Have a look at this for extra information about hemorrhoids causes

That’s cool! Things are starting to get clear now,


How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last?

For the question “How long do hemorrhoids last?” to be answered, some factors are considered. Factors that affect the longevity of hemorrhoids include:

How long you have Been Affected with Hemorrhoid

The first factor that affects the longevity of a hemorrhoid is the number of times you have suffered from hemorrhoids. If you’re the first sufferer, then you can be almost sure that the time will not be longer than a few days, four days to put it more exact. However, if it is the second or higher time, you will not expect it to disappear within seven to fourteen days, i.e. one to two weeks. The more times hemorrhoid comes back, the longer it will last for it gets more stubborn.


Type of hemorrhoid you are suffering from

The next factor that determines how long the hemorrhoids will last is the type of hemorrhoid you are suffering from. Mild internal hemorrhoids are easier to pass by in less than ten days. If they are prolapsed and hanging out of the anus, they will not go away within a month or two before they completely recover. The external hemorrhoids with painful lumps will last two to three months while they could get better in one to two weeks.


In Pregnant Women

In a pregnant woman, this is not so easy. Hemorrhoids in pregnancy are common – even though the mother is taking care to eat a high fiber diet and drink water, it’s the pressure of the additional weight of the baby that often causes hemorrhoids, and also the fluctuation of hormone levels, the amount of nausea that may be experienced and many other factors.

Pregnant women should be eating a diet rich in high fiber foods and consuming at least eight large glasses of water every day. How long do hemorrhoids last in pregnant women? They very often disappear not long after delivery.

When Treated

The factors mentioned above are by assuming that you are not doing anything to heal from hemorrhoid. That is to say; they are supposed to heal themselves from the occurrence to breaking off. However, that’s not the way we let hemorrhoids go. Measures shall be taken to deal with them even from the first time they come up.

This leads us to another factor that will help us answer the question of “how long do hemorrhoids last.” It is the treatment we use for hemorrhoids. Band ligation takes about seven to ten days to recover. Healing from a surgical procedure will take several days to weeks.

Now that you know the factors that help you find out how long your hemorrhoids may last, you need to take similar procedures to shorten this period as much as possible. Although medication can improve the situation, it takes dietary and lifestyle changes to get rid of hemorrhoids from the rest your life.

Have a look at this video here for more information about this.

Guys and gals, here comes the best part you are all waiting for;

It is good to know the symptoms, causes, but even better if you can do something about them.

Don’t you think so?

You need to know how to rid your butt of those crappy hemorrhoids

I am sure you know what I mean here,

How To Treat And Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids?


Of course, there are many ways to treat. There are medications for hemorrhoids. As there are other home remedies and essentials oils and home remedies.

And here we have compiled a list of each one of those here,

Home Remedies To Treat Hemorrhoids:

If you deal with hemorrhoids, they can quickly become a problem that leaves you feeling uncomfortable all the time.

They can be quite embarrassing, especially with all the pain and itching that comes along with them.

While you may think you are the only one dealing with this problem, the truth is that many people have piles and are looking for a way that they can treat them.

It’s important that you find a way that you can make your sore backside feel a bit better. Try some of these home remedies for the results that you want.

Try Some Witch Hazel

One of the home remedies to try if you have hemorrhoids is some witch hazel. This all natural remedy can help to take down the inflammation and the swelling that comes with the piles. This product works on the problem all naturally, so there is no need for creams filled with chemicals.

Sitz Baths

If you want to cure your problem with piles, sitz baths will do a lot to help. This is a home remedy that only will cost you a bit of warm water. Simply fill up a tub with a few inches of some warm water.

Aloe Vera Gel

Another of the natural home remedies to try to cure the pile’s problem is aloe vera gel. Taking the gel or the plant sap and using it on the affected area may give you some relief from the pain and the itching.

Take in More Fiber

Take in more fiber if you are looking for home remedies to eliminate your problem with hemorrhoids. When you start eating more fiber, as long as you stay hydrated too, it will help to alleviate any constipation problems.

Take a Break

Taking a break can even be helpful with combating hemorrhoids naturally. If you happen to do a lot of sitting on the job, take a break, get up, walk around, and take a bit of pressure off your backside.

Read more about home remedies for hermorrhoids here.

Medications To Treat Hemorrhoids

By knowing the range of medications convenient for your requirements, you can choose the suitable and proper medication to support in the ease of symptoms.

The Pressure In Blood Veins

By ensuring that the tension is not there in the blood veins in your digestive tracts, you can avoid hemorrhoids from recurrence that is a most important matter. If you are constipated, you should not put pressure to eradicate the pain. This is popularly known as the most effective method to make sure that hemorrhoids do not come back.

Herbal Treatments

You can also make sure to pay attention to non-conventional herbal treatments such as supplements and topical solution or creams that are available. Although they may not prevent the hemorrhoids from happening again, you can use them to avoid the hemorrhoids itself. Most herbal creams are designed to avoid hemorrhoids, but they cannot guarantee resistance from hemorrhoid recurrence.


Vasoconstrictors are also utilized to ease signs of internal hemorrhoids. The two important drugs that are ready, as a vasoconstrictor are ephedrine sulfate and phenylephrine hydrochloride.

These will concentrate on the limited blood veins that will ultimately lead to open vessels to be reduced back to the normal size.

Read more about hemorrhoids medications here.

Essential Oils To Treat Hemorrhoids

Essential oils are specific liquids which are obtained from plants. They include different botanical molecules like vitamins, hormones, and antibiotics. Compared to dried herbs, natural oils are 75 to 100 times more concentrated. Then, for this reason, essential oils are utilized only in small portions. Only a modest amount of them is required to show good results.

What is the benefit of the use of essential oils for the treatment of hemorrhoids?

The primary benefit is the amazing capacity for natural oils to go in with the skin into blood system if they are used externally.

You cannot assume the same result is having a local herbal or perhaps a chemical treatment. For each of them, their major compound remains on the skin and cannot undergo cell membrane into cells as essential oil does.

In conjunction with a lifestyle and diet change, aromatherapy has offered alleviation and treatment to a lot of individuals who are struggling with piles.

There are two various ways to stop hemorrhoids with essential oils, which may be used together.

The very first method involves a shallow bath of warm water in a bathtub. For instance, you can sprinkle 20 drops of lavender and 20 drops of juniper oils. It is essential to mix them perfectly within the water and soak for 20 minutes.

The second one consists of carrier oil. This means that you are going to mix the essentials oils you might have picked with pure almond oils (not any type of oils!). An enormous proportion will be two drops of every essential oil with one ounce of the carrier oil. Which is enough! Then, affect the region while you would use an ointment.

Which essential oils are usually utilized to treat hemorrhoids?

Here are a few of these: coriander, cypress, geranium, juniper, lavender, myrrh, niaouli, patchouli, tea tree oil.

If you are an expecting or nursing mother, medical reasons enforce to prevent the utilization of a couple of essential oils. Thus, please, check to learn more about essential oils and pregnancy.

Have a look at this amazing study on how essential oils can help you out with hemorrhoids.

Hope that helps,


There you have it guys, those are the best ways to treat hemorrhoids. Try them out and see how they can rid your butt of those freaking and painful hemorrhoids.

Now, see that awesome box below? Hit it hard and let us know what are the challenges you struggle, having hormones?

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