Jock Itch: Everything You Need to Know About Jock Itch In Plain English.

//Jock Itch: Everything You Need to Know About Jock Itch In Plain English.

Jock Itch: Everything You Need to Know About Jock Itch In Plain English.

Do you struggle with jock itch? Do you want to know everything there is about jock itch? Do you suffer from some symptoms and wonder maybe those are for jock itch?

If all you think about is a good and satisfying answer to one or all those questions, then I’d like to congratulate you and welcome you aboard.

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In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about jock itch. We will first give a definition of what exactly is jock itch. Then, we will talk about some of the main symptoms and signs that accompany jock itch. After that, we will move to the causes behind getting jock itch. Only after all that, we will wrap up the article talking about some of the best treatments to get rid of jock itch.

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What Is Jock Itch?

What Is Jock Itch

Jock itch is caused by a fungus. The latter is getting into contact with an animal or human that carries the infection. Worms have nothing to do with this bothersome infection; the fungus just finds the area surrounding the groin a great place to multiply, as it is very moist and warm for the majority of the time. This is why this disease is commonly brought on more so in the summer because the weather is very hot and people get sweaty.

Jock itch could find its way to you using sharing towels, touching an animal with the ringworm, or scratching your groin area after getting into contact with such an animal. Overweight People tend to be more vulnerable to the disease, as well as individuals who wear extremely tight pants frequently. Although the majority of victims are typically male, it is quite possible for women to get this disease as well.

How do you know if you have jock itch?

Here are a few hints you can look for. A circular, red rash around the groin area, continuous itching that doesn’t seem to cease after scratching, or flaky or peeling skin in the groin area are all common symptoms to let you know you have jock itch. When attempting to treat your jock itch, your first line of action should be to apply anti-fungal medications, perhaps in the form of powders or creams. If your predicament does not clear up in approximately two weeks, see your doctor ask about a prescription for tablets that can be taken by mouth. It is necessary always to keep your groin area very clean and as dry as possible, washing it daily and drying it off thoroughly when through.

Make sure to wear loose fit clothing that will allow the area to breathe and the air itself out. If possible, try to sit in a wide-legged position to have air flowing to the diseased area, but please do so modestly while in public. Having your legs closed together will result in creating a more humid and warm atmosphere, which should be prevented as much as possible when trying to treat jock itch.

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The Symptoms Of Jock Itch:

The Symptoms Of Jock Itch


Itching is present as a symptom of jock itch anywhere the rash is present. Because the rash can spread, the itchiness can be much more pronounced in some areas over others. For example, wherever the skin rubs together will be incredibly itchy and aggravated until the rash is gone.


The burning sensation associated with Jock Itch is most likely due to the irritation. Rubbing, scratching and the rash itself are causing the burning sensation in the skin. The burning sensation is only in the affected area, typically where the rash is pronounced.


Scaling is where the skin if peeling, flaking or cracking, appearing often as scales. This is especially prevalent nearest to the blisters, but the entirety of the rash can have the appearance of scales. Scaling is present when the outer layer of the epidermis is lost. The skin is dry feeling and cracked and can flake off.


Chafing is actually more pronounced with Jock Itch as the skin is already irritated and more likely to become sore and chafed when walking around and continue to get worse.


The infected area (typically the inner thighs and groin, but in some cases, up to the abdomen and buttocks) can be darker and redder on the outside of the rash, with normal skin tone showing in the center. In some cases, especially with inflammation present, the area may be lighter rather than darker, but it will not match the normal tone of skin.


Jock Itch usually creates a visible rash. The appearance of the rash is red skin that can also have bumps or blisters on the border of the rash.


In some cases, though not all, there is a spoiled or foul smell that can emanate from the site of jock itch.

And here are some of the,

Causes Of Jock Itch:

Causes Of Jock Itch

The following are the causes of jock itch in the male reproductive organ

Dirty Environment Practices:

These include cleaning used underwear regularly and sharing of bathing materials and other crucial apparel, are the principal agent of jock itch. You could also catch jock itch if you come in contact with the infected person suffering from the skin problems or you use and share towels, bed, blankets, shorts and pants with someone who has jock itch. If you feel that your partner is already displaying symptoms of jock itch, it would be wise to change towels and bed sheets immediately so that you will not catch the disease too.

Yeast Infection

Can men get yeast infections? Yes! Though this problem is more common in ladies, it is possible for people to contact them, too. Men do have contract yeast infections, also termed as thrush, from a woman suffering from it.This is also a cause to jock stick in the male organ.

Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Sexually transmitted diseases can be responsible for penis itching.

Consider the following:

  • Chlamydia – This is an infection caused by the virus that may be asymptomatic. When symptoms do arise, the most common in men is itching within the urethra, caused by irritation and inflammation, as well as burning upon urination and, sometimes, abnormal discharge from the penis.
  • Gonorrhea – This STI is a bacterial infection that, like chlamydia, can cause irritation within the urethra, burning upon urination and abnormal discharge. Sometimes, a disease can mimic symptoms throughout the body, such as joint pain and rash.


The technical name for inflammation of the male sexual organ, balanitis is highly caused by improper cleanliness dirty environment within the male sexual organ, especially avoidance of cleaning under the foreskin region. Thrush, psoriasis, skin do sense or allergy highly to a commodity used on the penis What it looks like bright red, shiny remains, red rash, or dry, flaky penis skin


Natural Jock Itch Treatment

Natural Jock Itch Treatment

Jock itch is highly associated with sweating. This is why a lot of athletes get this kind of fungal infection. The sweat can make your groin, buttocks and genital area moist and warm which the fungi like very much. With this kind of environment, they can really multiply well and cause a full-blown infection. One thing that you need to remember is that there are various causes of jock itch like diseases, allergies, and fungal infection. With these causes, a lot of jock itch treatment have been formulated too. There are even natural ways to treat this infection. However, this is how to treat jock itch naturally.


Recurring jock itch is a big problem and must be cured internally already. Use minced garlic to cure it. Take at least 2 grams of freshly minced garlic every day. The natural anti septic effect of the garlic can surely kill the cause of the infection. Also, try to add coconut oil to your diet to get rid of harmful bacteria.


You have to know that there are natural ways to cure this infection externally. You may use garlic, tea coconut oil, and cornstarch. To use garlic, you have to blend or crush it and mix with one cup of olive oil. It must be applied after washing the affected areas. Coconut oil may be applied directly just like using anti-fungal cream. Cornstarch will help you keep the groin area dry and free from chafing. You can use these cures for two weeks and you will surely see positive results after.


Some of the chemicals in soap can cause irritations and will aggravate your jock itch. You can always resort in a natural way of bathing. Try to avoid using commercial soap to avoid further irritations. Consider using coconut oil soaps which are known to have strong antifungal properties. Hot sitz bath is also a good option. In doing it, consider having coconut oil or garlic. These can be added in the water to cure the infection naturally.

Do not forget to do the easy prevention that you can apply. Make sure that you will be able to boost your immune system by eating more fruits and vegetables. Also, you need to practice good hygiene all the time. Take a bath more often and change clothes thereafter.

Check out more about how to treat Jock Itch here.


There you have it my friends. That was my take on Jock Itch. As you can tell, Jock Itch has more to do with the environment. And you can really control it naturally.

Here comes your turn guys. Let us know what exactly do you do to better manage Jock Itch? Are there any practices that you can suggest other than the ones mentioned above? What challenges you go through dealing with Jock Itch?

Let us know in the comment box below. We are more than happy to hear from you.

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