Menopause and Perimenopause: Everything You Will Ever Need To Know!

//Menopause and Perimenopause: Everything You Will Ever Need To Know!

Menopause and Perimenopause: Everything You Will Ever Need To Know!

Are you finding it hard to cope with menopause and its symptoms? Do you want to know how to treat perimenopause?. Or maybe it is causes behind menopause that you are more interested in? Either ways, if menopause is what you are looking to get knowledgeable about, you have just come to the right pace.

We will guide you step by step and show you how to get the exact right way to deal with menopause.

But before, have a look at what this article will be about:



Before we go into the deep and meaty of this article, we will have to first tackle one of the questions that you maybe struggling with currently.

What Is Menopause To Being With?

I know many of you already know what that is. If you are one of those, just skip them and move to the next part.

If you don’t, no worries my friend. Let me clear the blur around menopause.

Here is the the definition of menopause,

What Is Menopause?

The word itself is composed of two parts, meno and pause. Meno means menstrual and pause stands for no longer being reproductive or end of menstrual period.

Menopause is a scientific term used to describe some of the changes that a woman goes through right before or after her reproductive period to what’s called menstruation, comes to an end.

As you know, there is a certain age in which women are no longer able to reproduce. The changes that come with this period are what we call menopause.

In short, menopause is simply when a lady can no longer get pregnant in a natural way.

The age in which menopause happens differ from one woman to another, but generally, the majority of women experience the menopause between 45 and 55 years old

But there are women who experience menopause in their early, before even reaching their forties. And this is what we call perimenopause.

This one you should worry about. As for the one, it is just natural for a lady to have it.

Now, there are certain signs and symptoms that go along with them. These you should take notice of, especially if you notice them before hitting your forties.

What Are The Symptoms Of Menopause?

There are many symptoms that go hand in hand with menopause. These differ from one woman to another. So , there is no exact answer. But there are certain symptoms that almost all women experience before or after menopause.

Let’s get to the very first one,

Irregular Periods

This is the very first obvious symptom of menopause. If your periods are no longer coming on the regular time they used to, that’s maybe a sign that you are having menopause.


This is second symptom of menopause many women experience. When you find yourself having a tight breath, or your whole body become tense. In short, your whole being is shaken, then you are experiencing one of the very obvious symptom of menopause. And anxiety appears when there is a change in your hormones.


This is one is not that popular among women experiencing either premature menopause or menopause. But you should watch out of it.

It is one of the symptoms of menopause. As we said earlier, when the hormones change, they cause so much trouble in the body. One of the side effects of hormone changes is bloating. This happens either by the intestinal gas getting skyrocketed or because of an increase in body weight.

Breast Pain

Breast pain is one of many things women suffer from during both perimenopause and menopause. This symptom is generally referred to as tenderness. It is basically a condition in which women experience some sort of discomfort within their breasts and at times, the pain can get really unbearable.

Again, this is nothing but the result of hormonal imbalance.

Hot Flashes

More than 80 % of women experience this menopause symptom. Hot flashes are simply some burst of heat that take place in the upper body. These are generally accompanied by a speedy heartbeat, flushing in the face, chest and neck, as well as sweating heavily.

Loss Of Sex Interest:

This is a little hard for a woman to accept nor understand. But it affects more than 40 percent of women. This symptom may have a bad effect on her relationship with her partner.

And here is a list of other possible symptoms you may experience during menopause:

  • Dry skin
  • Mood swings
  • Sleep disorders
  • Tingling extremities
  • Weight gain
  • Vaginal dryness

For more information about symptoms, have a look at this video.

Now, hopefully you have a good grasp of some of the common symptoms of menopause, let’s see now what are some of the causes that are related to menopause, either premature menopause or natural menopause.

What Are The Causes Of Menopause?

There are a lot of reasons behind you getting menopause, and I am talking here about perimenopause . As for the natural one, it is just natural, as it is name suggests.

Let’s get to the very first one,

Ladies! The causes we are going to cite here has nothing to do with natural menopause. We are talking here about premature menopause. That’s not our focus for now.

With this in mind, let’s get into the very first cause of premature menopause,


That’s the number one reason that determine when a woman can get premature menopause. While there other studies on epigenetics these days that confirm that genetics no longer control our destiny, since genes controlled by the environment and it is the environment that controls their behaviour.

So, we could change genes by simply changing our environment.

That’s just something i came across recently, but worth mentioning here.

Back to premature menopause and genetics. If your mother for instance has menopause at a young age, this may give you a hint to why you have it as well. If you don’t know, ask your mother at what age she had menopause and this should give you an idea. So, certainly genetics can cause premature menopause


Lifestyle has a take on this as well. Some bad habits are to be thought of to cause premature menopause. smoking , for instance, is proven to have contribute tremendously to premature menopause.

And many studies show that women who smoke are more likely to get menopause at a younger age, as opposed to non smokers.

Body Fat:

Body fat has is always linked to sexual performance. And in the case of menopause, the two are really linked. Overweight women are likely to get perimenopause.

As you may already know, the estrogen, a hormone that control female traits and characteristics, is stored in the fat tissue. When this tissue is too thin, the estrogen can’t be stored, with the right amounts. And even if it is stored, it can be easily consumed and depleted, since it is stored with very little amounts. That’s what leads many overweight women to get menopause at a younger age.

Other Lifestyle Problems:

And of course eating junk food along with lack of exercise and sun exposure can also lead to premature menopause.


Epilepsy if you don’t know is a neurological disorder that stem a seizure in one’s brain. In a study in a recent study in the journal Epilepsia, the leading researchers found out that women with Epilepsy are 14 percent more likely to get premature menopause than regular women. So, that’s again one of the primary cause of premature menopause.

Some Autoimmune Diseases:

There are a lot of autoimmune diseases that contribute to the making of premature menopause, among the common autoimmune disease, two are worth mentioning here.

Rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid. What happens to the immune system in the case of those diseases is that they mistakenly attack a part of the body as being a dangerous invader. And what that does is it stops the ovaries from working and once the ovaries are no longer working, the premature menopause then takes place.

And now off to the most important of all,

How To Treat Menopause And Perimenopause?

Hey! Mind you if we split up this section into two parts?

Look! We will divide it into two major parts. One is has to do with natural ways to treat premature menopause and the other one has to do with medication or supplement you can take as well.

Am more of a nature maniac. So, let’s start with some home remedies that can lower your risk of getting premature menopause,

Some are just very simple changes you can make, but have tremendous effect

Make Cool Places Your intimate Friends:

This trick has to do with flush. If these are what you are struggling with, look for the cold whenever you could. Try wearing something loose and in layers. Or maybe have a cold cup of water. Or better yet, treat yourself to a cooler place and get out of heated places as much as you could.

And most of all get rid of everything that triggers your body to release those flashes. And there are numerous things that do that, like caffeine, stress, spicy foods, and sometime hot weather. This one you can’t do anything about it unless you live by the beach. But just try making those tweaks and you will no longer experiences those flashes.

Get Sexually Active:

And if it is the discomfort in your vagina is what you are struggling with, you can use a moisturiser and and most of all stay exually active. This will help with the flow of blood to your vagina and as a result make your vagina less swelling. I know for many women, they lose interest in sex, but just try your best.

Get Plenty Of Sleep:

Plenty of sleep or let’s just enough to feel like dancing even if you don’t feel like doing it! Yes! Sleep is very important for the function of your overall body, including your sexual organs. Get as much sweat during the day as you could. Move. Exercise and make yourself tired and once to welcome the moon with your whines. And please, make sure you avoid coffee and alcohol. These two can very much interfere with your sleep.


Relaxations and meditation really rock. They every organ in your body relax. There are many relaxation hacks you can try. The best I found very effective and easy to make in most case is simply the breathing exercise. All it involves is simply deep breathing and in and out. Breathing will make every cell of your body relaxed and full of energy. And of course the this will menopausal symptoms to vanish.

Eat Quality Food:

Eat fruits, veggies, nuts, whole grains. Avoid sugar and salt. These are poisons. Andand go get some free vitamin D from the sun. and if you can’t, opt for supplements.

Use essential oils. They work perfectly well. There are many essential oils that help with menopause but these five are good:

  • Clary sage Oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Geranium Oil
  • Basil Oil

Here are more essential oils that can help lessen menopausal symptoms.

And there you go ladies. Those are some home made remedies and hacks you can try out at home that can help you tremendously with menopause symptoms.

Here is the deal! The medications that we will outline below won’t rid you of menopause. Instead, the only focus on lessening menopause symptoms

Vaginal Estrogen

This is one has to do with the dryness you may experience during menopause. Apply estrogen directly to your vagina will help moisturize it and decrease the dryness. Vagina estrogen comes in diffrent forms, like tablets, creams and rings. You simply apply it directly to your vagina. By doing so, the vajinal tissues will absorb the estrogen and will help your vagina more moisturized.

Go For Hormone Therapy

This one is the best and most efficient treatment of all. It involves balancing the hormones, and as we said earlier, one of the causes of menopause is the imbalance in hormones. This sort of therapy help your body get the amount of estrogen needed to maintain some of the functions of the body the estrogen is responsible for.

Use Low-Dose Antidepressants

If for any reason, you can’t take estrogen, no worries. There is an alternative. You can opt for antidepressants. These will benefit in you in decreasing the menopausal hot flashes. Opt for low dose antidepressants.

And those are some of the best medication that can help you lower menopause symptoms.

You can read more here about best medications for menopause.


To sum up, menopause shouldn’t at all be something to worry about. It is natural and happens to every woman. What you should take care of is simply lessening these symptoms. And menopause should be dealt with only if it comes before its natural occurrence. What other symptoms you ladies experience that we didn’t mentioned in the list? Let us know in the comment box below.

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