Restless Legs Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes And 6 Weird Treatment Hacks!

//Restless Legs Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes And 6 Weird Treatment Hacks!

Restless Legs Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes And 6 Weird Treatment Hacks!

Restless Legs Syndrome sucks! I know that. So do you. And the sure proof is you being here, reading these lines. But that doesn’t soothe the pain you feel at night or the scary thoughts crossing your mind every now and then. Does it?


Do you feel sometimes like your legs are just restless? Do you suffer from restless legs syndrome but have no idea how to treat it?

If Restless Legs Syndrome is haunting you from every side, no more worries. I got your back. In the lines to come, I will walk you through everything you need to know about Restless Legs Syndrome; its symptoms, causes and the various ways to successfully treat it.

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Before diving deep into all the details about Restless Legs Syndrome, it would be wise to first know what exactly RLS is, to clear out any confusions.

What Exactly Is Restless Legs Syndrome ?

Restless Legs Syndrome

Also known in the medical realm as RLS, Restless Legs Syndrome is a health condition that has to do with the nervous systems. Restless Legs Syndrome manifests in many ways. But commonly, people with the RLS condition experience uncomfortable sensations in not only the legs but also in the arms. To relieve the pain, the patients often feel an urge to move their legs. By many, RLS is also considered a sleep disorder, since it interferes with sleep.

Now that you have a clear idea about RLS, it is time to dive in even deeper.

What Are Restless Legs Syndrome Symptoms?

Restless Legs Syndrome Symptoms

This is the very first step you need to take. Many people confuse RLS other health issues. That’s why knowing the exact symptoms and signs is the number one thing you should take a close look at. There are a many symptoms that go hand in hand with the RLS. Here are some signs and symptoms that may be indicators of RLS.

Tingling Sensations

Tingling, throbbing, burning and itching in your les are common symptoms of RLS.

Fizzy Water- Like Feeling:

The second symptom that’s mostly tied up to Restless Legs Syndrome is weird feeling in the legs. People describe it as a “creepy and crawly feeling”. Others describe it as a fizzy water running with the blood vessels!

Cramping Sensations In The Calves:

The third symptom of RLS is a painful sensation felt in the calves.

Here are other symptoms that may be linked to Restless Legs Syndrome:

  • A strong ure you just can’t resist to move your legs.
  • PLMS repetitive movements at night , occurring every 30 seconds, making it so hard to sleep.
  • A relief in symptoms when you get moving
  • Laying down, the symptoms get worse.

And here comes the time to see what exactly causes RLS.

Restless Legs Syndrome Causes:

Restless Legs Syndrome Causes

In a variety of cases, what causes Restless Leg Syndrome may not be known. But generally, there are some causes that are commonly linked to Restless Legs Syndrome. Here is a list of them:

A Fall Of Dopamine:

The very first cause of Restless Legs Syndrome is something that has to do with basal ganglia. That’s a part of the brain responsible for muscle movement control. To control the muscle movements, basal ganglia releases a neurotransmitter called dopamine. Dopamine acts out as a messenger between the brain and the nervous system. The problem is when the dopamine is decreased, causing muscle spasms. That’s why people with restless legs syndrome experience intense pain at night.

Lack Of Iron In The Blood

Lack of iron, also known as anemia, is another contribution factor to the making of this problem. Lack of iron is linked to the same cause mentioned above. When the iron levels in the blood are reduced, dopamine again gets a hit. Thus, Restless Legs Syndrome is triggered.


That’s another cause of restless syndrome. But in cases restless is caused by pregnancy, the symptoms usually vanish in the first four to five weeks of giving birth.

Certain Health Conditions

There are many health conditions that lead to restless legs syndrome. These include chronic kidney, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and many other conditions.

In addition to those causes, there are other things that trigger and worsen restless legs syndrome.

Here is a list of them:

  • Calcium channel blockers
  • Antidepressants
  • Metoclopramide
  • Antipsychotics

Now that you know what RLS is, its symptoms and causes, it is time to have a close a look at exactly the right means of RLS treatment.

Restless Legs Syndrome Treatment?

Restless Legs Syndrome can’t be completely treated. But there are many treatment options to lessen the symptoms. And if the RLS is caused by other health condition, the first step in the treatment process is to treat the underlying cause. In addition to medications, there are some very efficient home made remedies to help lessen the symptoms.

Let’s first start with medications:

Medications To Treat Restless Legs Syndrome:

  • Dopaminergic Agents:

The most common drug is this category is Sinemet. That’s a combination of both carbidopa and levodopa. Sinemet gives the dopamine in the brain a boost, causing the symptoms of the Restless Legs Syndrome to lessen.

  • Dopamine Agonists

There are many drugs that fall into this category, namely ropinirole, rotigotine and pramipexole. These act in place of dopamine. They act as dopamine neurotransmitter in the brain.

  • Benzodiazepines

The drugs in this category are a little different from those mentioned above. They don’t help relieve the pain and symptoms, but rather make you fall asleep like a baby, with your symptoms.

Home Remedies To Treat Restless Legs Syndrome

A lot of people, me included, are starting to realize the power of home remedies to cure and lessen all sorts of diseases. When it comes to Restless Legs Syndrome, there are many home remedies you can opt for to lessen the pain in your legs and get instant relief. These include:

  • Get Some Sweat:

The best medicine, in addition to food, is obviously exercise. You need to get your muscles to move. And then, finish your session with a good stretch for your legs. That helps reduce tension. Make sure you do it the first hours of the day. Don’t put off your exercise till the evening, as it interferes with sleep.

  • Relax. Relax. Relax

The second best way to reduce tension in your muscles is to relax. Before you go to bed, opt for some kind of relaxation. You can meditate, do yoga or indulge in a spiritual practice. All of this helps reduce tension.

  • Get Enough Vitamins And Minerals:

Lack or a deficiency of vitamins and minerals can lead to restless legs syndrome. Some of the vitamins that can trigger Restless Legs Syndrome are iron, magnesium, and vitamin B. Try upping your intake of these vitamins and you will notice a good improvement in your legs.

If you are still in search for about RLS, the video below will help you out.


Restless legs syndrome is a widely spread health condition. While there is no proper cure that can immediately rid your legs of the discomfort, there are ways to really reduce the pain. You can use either medications or home made remedies. All of them can get you significant results.


We would like to hear from you. See that comment box below? Give it a good punch and let us know what other treatments you guys have used before to relieve the pain and discomfort in your legs? We are more than happy to hear from you.

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