Snoring: Everything You Need To Know About Snoring And Top 9 Ways To Get Rid Of It.

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Snoring: Everything You Need To Know About Snoring And Top 9 Ways To Get Rid Of It.

You probably know someone who is always snoring. Worse still, maybe people have said over and over that you do it in your sleep. It can be quite embarrassing if untreated as it causes disturbance to those who aren’t affected. Before going further, let’s look at what this article will be about:

What Is Snoring To Begin With?

What Is Snoring

Snoring is a condition that occurs when there is vibration of the soft palate in the mouth and the long loose piece of flesh that hangs at the end of the mouth, called the uvula. We breathe through the nose. When it is blocked due to reasons such as colds, the mouth takes over the task. It isn’t as effective as the nose because it can’t clean and warm air. On top of this, vibratory organs such as tonsils are inside it.

We tend to breathe noisily during sleep. This uncontrolled flow of air to and from the mouth can lead to vibration of the chief organs; the uvula and soft palate. Am I suggesting getting rid of these two? No way. Not immediately, anyway. There are a variety of other causes that lead to snoring, which we shall list one by one. If you’re affected, don’t punish yourself by choosing to stay up for everyone’s sake or if your bedmate snores, don’t stuff their face with a pillow no matter how tempting it may be. You’ll have a solution by the end of this article. Here are other

What Causes Snoring?

What Causes Snoring

1. Sleeping Position

Snoring is effective if you have a tendency to lie on your back during sleep. This is because gravity acts on the air throat and makes it narrow. This causes breathing to be slow and uneasy. The more the air that gets into your mouth the louder the snoring. If you have a soldier sleeping position, you may want to change technique for everyone’s and your own sake. The stomach is a better option. There’s no strain on the throat and breathing is generally easy.

2. Taking Alcohol

Unfortunately for those who’ve found a crutch in alcohol, it may decrease stress but it increases bedroom problems, especially if your bedmate is impatient. Alcohol causes the muscles in the throat to relax, resulting in its inability to block excess air from getting into your mouth since the airway collapses. If you really must drink, don’t do it immediately before bedtime. Take it 3-4 hours before turning in for the night. The best move would be staying away from it altogether. Before your bedmate decides to take an extreme measure, cut out alcohol and see the wonderful results it will have on your sleeping pattern.

3. Not sleeping Enough

Work is good. Those late nights in the office may be earning you a raise or promotion, but those few nights in bed are worsening your condition if you snore. Apparently, sleep deprivation leads to relaxation of the throat muscles. Even if it means taking a nap in the office or making up for those lost hours during weekends or whichever time you’re free, do it. The body needs enough rest. Think of it this way; the more you sleep, the nearer you are to treating the solution. It may be difficult if you’re a workaholic but eventually, it will be a part of your daily routine.

4. The Structure Of Your Mouth

As we discovered earlier, snoring is caused by vibratory organs found in the mouth when airflow is uncontrolled. If the soft palate at the back of the mouth is thick, it will limit the amount of air that gets into your mouth during sleep. Likewise, if your uvula is long, it will limit sufficient airflow into and out of the mouth and increase vibration as well.

5. Nasal Issues

The nose is important in terms of breathing, but if it is affected by excess mucus in it due to a cold or infection, the immediate solution is the mouth. Similarly, if one nostril is larger than the other one, air passage will be unequal and will contribute greatly to snoring.

6. Obstructive Sleep Apnea

This is a condition whereby the tissues in the throat close the airway in your mouth completely or partially, thus hindering effective breathing. People who suffer from it usually get fewer hours of sleep. It causes loud snoring, followed by moments of silence when breathing is stopped or nearly stopped, causing the victim to wake up with a short gasping sound. This pattern goes on for a better part of the night and is dangerous if not treated.

7. Obesity

People who are overweight put a lot of pressure on their bodies during sleep. Their airways are narrowed due to excess tissues in the back of the throat and if they rest on their backs, shifting to a more appropriate position will prove to be a problem. In addition to this, more effort is required to pull air into the mouth. There are many ways to get rid of excess fat. In fact, things have been made easier today. Drinks and natural supplements have been introduced to ease the process. Don’t ignore the shape of your body, and if you’re naturally huge, get active. Your body may be huge but it will be strong and properly functional. There’s hope for every snorer, even you.

We have looked at the first half of the article which may be discouraging to many. Others may want to skip it and get to the good part right away. It is possible to stop snoring if you put some willpower and determination into it.

Here are,

Top 9 Ways To Treat Snoring And Sleep Like A Baby:

9 Ways To Treat Snoring

1. Try Nora

No, Nora isn’t a person. It is another wonder of technology designed for snorers and their partners alike. It is fitted into the pillow case of the snorer. Basically how it functions is it listens to snoring sounds when they are still soft, with no potential to awake the partner. When the snoring gets out of hand, it begins moving gently inside the pillow covering, a move aimed at stimulating the muscles of the throat, which enables regular breathing to continue. What’s impressive about it is none of you has to move a muscle as it fixes the problem. In addition to this, the Nora snoring device’s movements are gentle, so it won’t disturb your sleep.

2. Use A Snoring Chin Strap

This is a simple device that is fitted under the jaw and over the head to prevent the mouth from opening during sleep. It can work since every part of the body relaxes during sleep, including the jaw which will slide open. The tongue will also lean back and block the passageway of air into and out of the throat. The downside of this device is it only helps those who snore from the mouth. It shouldn’t be used if one is suffering from a cold. Also, try as much as possible to make use of an anti snoring chin strap that properly fits your face. If it is too tight, you’ll wake up with a headache the following day. If it’s loose, it won’t serve its purpose since it will slip off.

3. A Snoring Pillow Is Sure To work

Its function is similar to Nora’s, the only difference is it is a device in itself. It monitors the snoring pattern of the snorer. If they get louder, it slowly and automatically turns the snorer’s head to its side. This helps to widen the space between the tongue and throat and stop vibration of the soft palate as well as enhancing a proper breathing pattern. It includes an impressive feature: it has an air chamber that remains inflated for a period of time to keep the head in place, treating snoring in the process. It will make sleep fun and enjoyable, and it will also help you to be in good terms with your bed or roommate.

4. Make Use Of Essential Oils

Essential oils are the safest and healthiest way to tackle snoring. They are available in a wide variety, and each has a medicinal property unique to snoring. Using them is also quite simple and you can either massage them below the nose, neck, chest and feet. You may also opt to take some and gargle it just before bed. Just be careful not to swallow it. It’s for the mouth, not the stomach. If nasal congestion is the main cause of your snoring, mix an essential oil with some hot steam and breathe in the resulting vapour.

The best essential oils for snoring are: essential oil of Marjoram that should be inhaled before sleep.Different people react differently to its treatment. In some, treatment takes a few days while in others it can go beyond a month. Snorers who take it often on a daily basis receive fast treatment. No matter the duration it’ll take for your body to respond to its treatment, don’t stop using it. Stick to it and you’ll receive your treatment.

Second is essential oil of Peppermint that is ideal for battling colds. It makes breathing easier by regulating the mucous membrane in the throat and nose. Third is Olive oil, which reduces vibrations in the throat and maximizes free flow of air by working on the tissues surrounding the airway in the mouth. You can add a sweetener such as sugar or honey to improve its plain taste. It has no effect on the stomach, so 2-3 sips of it can be taken before bed every day. Fourth is essential oil of Thyme. It offers total relief. Thyme in itself can irritate the skin, so it should be used with an alternative oil such as jojoba to nullify its effects. It should be applied on the soles of the feet every night before bed.

Last is essential oil of Eucalyptus. It is another ideal choice for colds and flu since it unclogs the nostrils and enhances breathing. 3 or 4 drops of it should be mixed with burning hot water in a bowl. The resulting vapour should be inhaled when the head is tilted, with a dry towel on the forehead. These steps are easy to follow and they have been proven to work on everyone, whether men, women or children. Try them on a daily basis with these essential oils for snoring and snoring will be a distant memory.

5. Go For Snoring Surgery

This is a least tried out option because of the obvious nature in it. It involves lessening the amount of tissue in the soft palate. Surgery is also carried out to remove the tonsils and lessen, or remove the uvula if it is long. The surgery doesn’t take a lot of time and it has no effect on the organs in the mouth. It won’t affect functions such as swallowing or coughing, so there’s no need to fear the procedure. After it’s over and done with, you’ll enjoy peaceful hours of sleep each night.

6. Sleep With A Ball Inside The Shirt Piece Of Your Pyjamas

The ball has to be small to avoid any strain on the back. The idea behind this is to keep you lying on your stomach as you sleep at night. The ball acts as a reminder, every time you turn to your back. The uneasiness it will cause on the back will prompt you to sleep in the right position. Alternatively, if you don’t sleep in pyjamas, you could fit it under your covers. It will serve the same purpose.

7. Make Singing A Part Of Your Daily Routine

You don’t have to be a pro at it. Research has shown that singing is good exercise to the muscles in the upper airway. It helps make them firm. Even if you have a raspy voice, sing for at least 15 minutes a day for a couple of months. The results will be impressive, and it won’t take much effort getting them.

8. Take Medications

If your snoring is caused by nasal congestion, you should take medication known as nasal decongestants. They help clear the nose for better breathing. Examples include: phenylephrine, naphazoline and levo-methamphetamine. The names may be quite a mouthful but if you go to your nearest chemist or pharmacy, they’ll know what to give you.

9. Lose Weight

This has to be done for your general wellbeing. Less weight means lessening the tissue at the back of the throat and lessening pressure on the mouth as it takes in air during sleep.


Snoring is a condition that can be treated. Instead of criticizing those who snore with an insensitive snoring meme, encourage them and help them treat it. Stop snoring abuse and approach the snoring issue from an adult’s point of view, not a child’s.

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